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Military Car Transport

Military personnel vehicle transport
We would love to transport Military personnel vehicle.

When we see a service member of the armed forces come back from a tour, we’re always happy to salute a sister or brother in arms and say “welcome home, and thank you.” It’s our honor, here at AMPM Auto Transport, to provide excellent military auto shipping. It’s a deep honor to assist any military member with all of their auto transport necessities. It’s also an opportunity to welcome discounts for military clientele in any case of being active, retired, or serving in the reserves. So let us thank you in the best way we know how, by transporting your vehicles from point A to point B, or wherever your bases may find you.

We’re happy to give you awesome military car transport. This is an honor and a privilege on our parts to assist military members with car transport options. Additionally, we’re pretty proud to give our clientele any sort of assistance when getting their cars around or even to help family members welcome back their beloved soldiers of the field.

AMPM Military vehicle Shipping

With AMPM, you can rest assured in knowing that we get the struggle. Military workers are always on the move. That’s just what the job entails. Therefore, we do our best to give you top-quality military vehicle shipping. This is just one of the many, many services we offer for our brave men and women coming back from the battlefield.

Even after you settle in your new home, you’ll want to make sure the car you’ve shipped has stayed in good condition. With our team at AMPM Auto Transport, we’re able to have your vehicle picked up as soon as the carrier is ready to transport. Open and enclosed auto shipping is also available. Our drivers will make sure that your car is respected from the beginning to the end.

Just like you did for your country, AMPM is always going to accept the responsibility for your car. This is just what we’re able to do without any sort of accident is an apparent path of destruction. In addition, all of our agents are happy to give you more updates as the vehicle heads to the preferred destination. Plus, you’re able to focus on other parts of moving with your family, between bases or otherwise.

Military Car Transport Requirements

In order to qualify for military vehicle transport, you must meet the following criteria.

  • The vehicle in question has to be owned or leased by an active or retired military member.
  • Unless if it is a motorcycle, the vehicle must possess a total of four (4) operational wheels.

Our team here at AMPM is thrilled to even offer you a starting 10% discount towards all of our military clients. Think of it as a Veterans’ Reward.

As the season of “permanent changes of stations” come around, we desire nothing more than to be the auto transport company that you can look forward to. It’s our intent to allow for a simple shipping service that you can trust no matter what your ranking.

What Do We Offer Differently For Our Troops?

Besides a strong hand-shake and a sincere “thank-you” we love giving our members of the armed forces the respect they truly deserve for having sacrificed so much for our country. This is by way of our discounts applying to veterans.

Because let’s face it, auto transportation can be a doozy of a price. Not to say that you’re having to handle PTSD still, but our competitors’ prices may as well be shell-shock because they can sometimes be unreasonably pricey. And at what cost? To keep certain prices unattainable isn’t quite as fair to the American people.

Plus, consider your family. They deserve to see their parent, sibling or child come back from the war in style. And using our military car transport, we can easily bring you around to see them as we ship your car from base-to-base.

It isn’t very difficult to do. Just scary if it’s a battle of expectations. Which we never worry about because our hard work surpasses them proudly.

Contact us today and one of our expert agents will get you started on first-class military car transport!