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Military Equipment Shipping

Military Equipment Shipping is not a service that most auto transport companies offer. And, frankly, if they do provide this option they tend to be way in over their head, without the skills to even provide adequate service.

Military equipment shipping is unlike basic forms of auto shipping insofar as it takes specialized skills to handle this kind of heavy-duty equipment. To load and unload these huge vehicles, and or equipment takes really unique expertise. It’s not like regular commercial auto transport. Plus, there are a variety of restrictions that come with moving military equipment. After all, not every base authorizes civilian vehicles such as moving trucks onto their premises.

Military Equipment Shipping With AMPM

At AMPM we have a ton of experience transporting military equipment as well as military vehicles. We know exactly how significant an undertaking it is to move this kind of heavy-duty equipment. In fact, we’ve been hauling this highly specific freight since we launched our business over 12 years ago.

AMPM possesses the well-trained drivers to handle this shipping task with ease. They hold all the necessary licenses and expertise to execute these jobs as easily if they were transporting a regular vehicle or less sensitive piece of equipment. Furthermore, AMPM is familiar with many of the bases throughout the United States.

Military Equipment Shipping

In addition, to being highly qualified for this specialized type of transport, AMPM still offers safe and secure service. Nothing changes because the cargo is unique. We’ll get it to where it’s going in a timely fashion. AMPM has your military equipment shipping all taken care of! At any rate, if you’ve got to ship military equipment, we’re your best bet.

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