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Mississippi Car Shipping

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Flag of Mississippi

Mississippi is a state in the United States’ Deep South. Jackson, the state capital, is also its largest city.

Mississippi’s weather is typical of the Southeastern U.S. in its humidity and general warmth. Summers in Mississippi are usually long, hot, and muggy. On the other hand, its winters are brief and mild. It’s very rare that the state gets a snowstorm. Hurricanes, though, occur periodically during the late summer and early fall months, and flooding is often a risk.

Mississippi’s rich history attracts many visitors every year. Its influence on modern music is profound thanks to Mississippi’s Delta Blues tradition. Jimmie Rodgers, one of the fathers of country music, was born in eastern Mississippi, though his exact birthplace is the subject of some debate. Beyond just music, the state also has a unique culture. This is due to its history as a former slave state that still has the largest African-American population of any state. Mississippi played a large role in the Civil Rights movement, which the state commemorates in its Civil Rights Museum in Jackson.

Mississippi has plenty to do, see, and enjoy. From its southern border on the Gulf of Mexico up to its northern border with Tennessee, Mississippi is an engaging state with much to enjoy.

AMPM Mississippi Car Shipping

Mississippi is a great place to live, or even just to visit for an extended period of time. If you are looking to set up your permanent residence or spend a vacation here, then you’ll want to enlist AMPM Auto Transport to ship your car. Our company has been in business for 12 years and offers a proven record of reliable and safe auto shipping.

AMPM’s big advantage over its competitors is in its dedicated and professional team. We work only with drivers that share our complete devotion to safety and compliance. With our drivers behind the wheel, you can be sure that your car is getting the special attention that it deserves. Coupled with our knowledgeable and friendly phone agents, our team is truly unparalleled in the car transport world.

Take a look at just some of the cities in Mississippi that AMPM serves:

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