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University Hall is an iconic Missoula landmark.

Missoula is a city in eastern Montana. It is Montana’s second-largest city after Billings, and has a population that was last measured at more than 73,000.

Many Montanans consider Missoula the cultural center of Montana, and it’s easy to see why. The state’s oldest university, the University of Montana, is located within its borders. UM has a sterling record of academic performance and a beautiful campus, exemplified by the iconic University Hall.

Missoula is also home to a variety of popular state festivals. The Big Sky Documentary Festival is one such festival, which takes place here every February. The River City Roots Festival is also a big draw for city residents and those in nearby counties. If that isn’t enough culture for you, the Fort Missoula Museum chronicles the history of the 1877 fort and the city it served for years.

Ship your car to Missoula with AMPM.

Missoula is a lovely city with a thriving culture. It’s no wonder why the city continues to grow rapidly. If you’re moving to Missoula, make sure to get a reputable car shipping company like AMPM Auto Transport to handle your vehicle for you. Our services save you time and money, letting you get a much smoother start in your new home.

With our team’s work, you won’t have to worry about any minute details of moving your car. We have experience transporting vehicles of all kinds. Are you a student moving into the University of Montana dorms? Our college car transport will help you settle into student life with ease. Worried about the safety of your vehicle? Upgrade to enclosed transport to ensure your car’s complete safety. And if anything should happen to your vehicle, know that our insurance will completely cover any damage that is our fault. Moving is already stressful enough, so let AMPM take some of the load off!

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