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Morgantown Car Shipping

morgantown car shipping
The beautiful WVU campus.

Morgantown is a city in northeastern West Virginia, near the Pennsylvania border. Its population of 31,000 makes it West Virginia’s third-largest city, behind Charleston and Huntington.

Morgantown is the home of West Virginia University, which is the city’s biggest claim to fame. The WVU campus hosts many of the city’s biggest attractions, including Mountaineer Field, where the school’s football team plays its games. It also hosts a pair of museums, the Art Museum of West Virginia University and the Watts Museum, and a lovely arboretum. WVU attracts over 25,000 students to its campus every year, making it West Virginia’s largest university.

Don’t go thinking that Morgantown is just a college town, though. The city has plenty of other things to offer both locals and visitors, from the city’s Metropolitan Theatre to its exceptional farmer’s market. And with Coopers Rock State Forest just a few miles outside of town, how could anybody discount Morgantown?

AMPM’s Morgantown Car Shipping Service

Whether you’re a student moving onto campus or a Morgantown native looking to get a new car from out of town, AMPM can help you. Our team of car shipping experts is unbeatable in terms of customer satisfaction. We’re Morgantown’s number one choice for vehicle shipping services of all kinds!

With AMPM on your side, you’ll know that your vehicle is in good hands. After all, we have an easy time shipping any vehicle, whether it’s just a little motorcycle or a massive truck. Our team has a wide range of experience in the industry, so we always have someone who can rise to the occasion and complete a job. No other car shipping company can boast our level of professionalism across such a wide variety of services. That’s what makes AMPM Auto Transport special.

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