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New Haven Car Shipping

Yale University is New Haven’s most famous entity.

New Haven is a Connecticut city on the Long Island Sound. New Haven clocks in as Connecticut’s third-largest city with a population of 134,000 people.

New Haven’s biggest claim to fame is hosting Yale University, one of the U.S.’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Founded in 1701, Yale is still New Haven’s largest employer. Visiting the campus is an absolute must for anyone traveling to or through New Haven. Check out the Yale University Art Gallery, which hosts a variety of sculptures and other modern art.

New Haven has more than just the university to offer. It’s known for being a foodie city, with a variety of excellent restaurants to try out. For a true local experience, Pepe’s in New Haven’s Little Italy, open since 1925, is the birthplace of New Haven-style pizza. Louis’ Lunch is another famous New Haven restaurant. The Library of Congress credits its original owner, Louis Lassen, with inventing the hamburger as well as the steak sandwich!

AMPM Car Shipping in New Haven

There are many reasons to move to New Haven, from its natural beauty to its architectural marvels. If you’re considering a move to New Haven, there’s something else that you should consider: shipping your car with AMPM! Moving is chaotic enough as it is, so trust AMPM to take some of the burden off of you!

AMPM has extensive experience helping move students into their campus housing. We offer an excellent college car transport service that is tailored to help students seamlessly integrate themselves into their new lives. If your kid is gearing up for life at Yale, they’ll need all the help they can get. Let AMPM handle their car so they can focus on the other things that matter!

At AMPM, we pride ourselves on our commitment to safety. We work with the insurance specialists at SafeLine Insurance to ensure that we have all the proper coverage for both our trucks and your cars. When you trust your cars to AMPM, you’ll know that we’re keeping them perfectly safe.

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