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The Sacred Heart Cathedral is one of Newark’s biggest sources of pride.

Newark is New Jersey’s largest city. It sits across Newark Bay from Jersey City, the state’s second-largest city. Newark’s population at the latest U.S. census was around 312,000.

Newark is a very old city and has been an important port city for centuries. It is easy to find the connections to Newark’s history. It starts at Branch Brook Park, which is the nation’s first county park. Branch Brook Park has the U.S.’s largest collection of cherry blossom trees, which makes it very popular during its annual bloom in early spring. Just outside the boundaries of the park is the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. This incredible example of French Gothic architecture is one of Newark’s most iconic sights.

Newark’s climate is one that fluctuates significantly from season to season. Its cold and snowy winters give way to hot, humid summers. The weather varies from year to year, with the occasional nor’easter bringing significantly more rainfall in some years than in others.

AMPM’s Car Transport in Newark

Moving to Newark can be a daunting prospect, even for the most self-sufficient of us. Everyone can use a little help while they move, and AMPM Auto Transport is here to provide the help that you need. Make your move easier by trusting your car to AMPM’s professional team!

When it comes to moving vehicles, AMPM has all the tools it needs to succeed. We have incredible drivers who are dedicated to the total safety of all vehicles in our care. We have affiliated companies that help us with all of our DOT filing and oversize permitting needs. With all of our skills and experience, it’s no wonder why AMPM can guarantee a level of service that our competitors simply can’t. Therefore, if you want the finest car shipping service Newark has to offer, look no further than AMPM Auto Transport!

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