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Newport News Car Shipping

newport news car shipping
Handshake is a local sculpture near City Center.

Newport News is a city in Virginia near the mouth of the James River. With a population of 186,000, it’s Virginia’s fifth-largest city.

Newport News is part of the Hampton Roads area on the southern end of the Virginia Peninsula. Because of its strategic location, it has a long history of being a shipbuilding hotspot. First-time visitors are almost always directed to The Mariners’ Museum and Park. This top-notch museum, which costs just $1, is perhaps the preeminent maritime museum in the country. It is famous for housing a replica of the USS Monitor, the world’s first ironclad ship.

Newport News’ climate is generally hot and humid in the summer. Its winters tend to be relatively mild due to the large bodies of water nearby. Luckily for residents, Newport News tends not to be affected by the extreme weather, like hurricanes, that can sometimes hit the area.

AMPM: Car Shipping in Newport News

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