Nissan discloses IMx Zero-Emission Concept

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While some car producers such as Mazda are adamant about not rushing down the self-driving vehicle way, others appear to be going “all-in.”


That’s undoubtedly the message coming out of Nissan as the company has revealed the IMx concept, which is a zero-emission, all-electric crossover with fully autonomous ability.


This tremendously innovative concept provides us with a look into the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which is the producer’s vision and method to the growth of how vehicles are powered, how they are driven, and how they integrate into a fast-developing society. The main idea is to improve and enhance the connection between the car and its driver, with the car becoming a close and trustworthy partner providing an ever-safer, more comfortable, and more pleasant driving skills.


At the heart of the IMx’s progressive technological feature set is a future form of Nissan’s ProPILOT system proposing totally autonomous operation of the car. When the ProPILOT drive mode is selected, the steering wheel actually vanishes into the dashboard and all the seats will recline, creating more space for the driver and letting the rest of the passengers enjoy the journey and relax.


Definitely, when manual mode is reselected, the steering wheel reappears, the seats return to their original position, and control of the vehicle is flawlessly restored to the human driver.



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