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Ohio is sandwiched between Indiana and Pennsylvania and right above Kentucky. Its capital is Columbus and it, too, is its largest city.

The ‘Buckeye State’ offers very muggy and hot summers. The winters, on the other hand, are fiercely cold. The spring is fairly typical weather wise as are the falls.

Ohio is a much beloved state with an abundance of wonderful things to do and see. There’s the lovely coastline of Lake Erie which comprises most of the northern border of the state. The city of Cleveland offers the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame which is a constantly thriving tourist destination. They also boast the 2nd largest performing arts center in America in Playhouse Square.

If all this culture isn’t enough to appease you then head to Central Ohio where a number of excellent summer fairs are held. Plus, Amish country is nearby if you want to get a taste of that intriguing world.

AMPM Ohio Car Shipping

Ohio isn’t always at the top of the list when it comes to appealing destinations. Still, the state has plenty to be proud of and people do decide to move here all the time. If you happen to fall in that category, do reach out to AMPM Auto Transport. We offer the best Columbus auto transport services available!

AMPM is a leader in the auto shipping industry with a devout clientele. Not only are we experts in the field with years of experience performing move after move, but we offer a full slate of helpful services. Included among these are our standard door-to-door service. We split this method into two types of transport: open or enclosed. It’s up to you to decide if open, the cheaper version, or enclosed, which offers an extra layer of protection better suits your needs.

Our trained drivers are the best in the business and deliver vehicles efficiently and always within the designated time-frames. Furthermore, we’re happy to ship commercial automobiles or even your prized exotic vehicle. No matter which one it is, we treat the car like it’s one of our own. Bottom line, save yourself the time and money and let us handle getting your car to its new home in Ohio!

AMPM is here to make your auto transport as convenient as possible so contact us today!