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Oxnard is a city in California. It sits along the coast in the southern portion of the state. Oxnard’s population was 207,906 residents as of 2017.

Furthermore, Oxnard is a part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. It’s a very safe city and located in one of the wealthiest areas in the country. The winter is wet. However, it’s warm and dry in summer. Not to mention earthquakes are possible.

Oxnard is a major transportation center. US-101 runs through the city, as well as the Pacific Coast Highway and Highway 232. There is also a port south of Oxnard. It’s called the Port of Hueneme. Also, there is a harbor in Oxnard. Finally, Oxnard has a small airport for regional flights.

Notably, Oxnard is known for being a major strawberry producer. The city hosts California Strawberry Festival where visitors can sample many strawberries. Or, visitors can check out the popular Emma Wood State Beach for a fun day out.

AMPM Oxnard Auto Transport

Are you headed to Oxnard for the next stage of your life? If you are going to Oxnard, you also need to plan for dependable auto transport services. AMPM Auto Transport can assist you with helpful Oxnard auto transport services!

We have helped thousands of people with their car shipping needs, across the entire nation. We’re always happy to provide you with reliable car shipping services. We can provide open and enclosed car transport to ship your vehicle to or from Oxnard. Also, we can even help move your business. Moreover, we work to help with auctions and dealerships. No matter your needs, with AMPM, your move will be safe and easy!

When you need auto transport to or from Oxnard, look no further. We guarantee safe and affordable auto shipping.

To get more info, just call us at (877)-241-2676. We are looking forward to helping you with car shipping!

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