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Plattsburgh is a beautiful city with a lot to take in!

Plattsburgh is a city in the North Country region of New York. It has a population of just under 20,000, though if you combine it with that of the separate town of Plattsburgh, the area’s population is more like 31,000.

Plattsburgh may be small, but it’s a historically and militarily significant town that offers lots to do. The Battle of Plattsburgh, one of the last of the War of 1812, took place here. As such, one of Plattsburgh’s biggest attractions is the War of 1812 Museum, which chronicles both the battle and the larger war that the battle helped end. Plattsburgh is also home to the Plattsburgh Air Force Base Museum, a great place for kids to learn about our armed forces.

Plattsburgh is also a great city in which to take in the beauty of Upstate New York. It sits on the western shore of Lake Champlain, a huge lake that straddles the Vermont-New York border. Some of the city’s more popular destinations are its beaches, most notably Point Au Roche State Park just north of the city. If you’re looking for a quiet place to get away from it all, Plattsburgh is the city for you.

AMPM Can Transport Your Car to Plattsburgh

When you choose to move to Plattsburgh, you’ll need a reliable company that can ship your car there for you. After all, moving is plenty challenging as it is. Why force yourself to lug your car all the way to your destination when you can ship it instead?

At AMPM, we know that new Plattsburgh residents come from all over. Maybe you’re a new college student at SUNY Plattsburgh with a vehicle you need someone to handle. Maybe you’re a new doctor gearing up to work at Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital. Whatever your reason, AMPM can ship your car for you so you don’t have to stress about it. With our excellent drivers, dedicated phone agents, and extensive car carrier insurance, our work gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your car will arrive at your new home without issue.

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