Polestar 1 Is Getting A Sendoff Special Edition For It’s Coupe

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Polestar is revealing a new version of their plug-in-hybrid coupe. There had been a finish in matte gold with matching brake calipers and interior stitching. This had about 25 units of the model to be created before the Polestar 1 stops it’s existence beyond this year.

So, if anybody knows it well, Polestar does. Their Polestar 1 plug-in-hybrid coupe will be able to make it happen with the Special Edition model. It’s strong and relevant in a well-painted matte gold paint scheme. 25 unites and nothing else will be created as this production model stops existing.

The brake calipers and gold stitching is supposedly matching the exterior paint. Which also is relevant to the black wheels. There may be no changes of the mechanical variety, comparatively to the plug-in-hybrid powertrain. Could you imagine another vehicle that pushes out 619 horsepower? There was a 52 mile EPA rating for the driving range.

The Polestar 1 was truly a vehicle that should continue using limited production runs. There had been only 1,500 units on a worldwide scale. The company had to take final orders for the ultimate batch, 125 of them were directed towards the United States’ market. There may not be too many of 25 Special Edition vehicles. Polestar is also being careful to not say a price.

And the Polestar is a reliable brand. they know exactly what it is they’re doing by having a commemorative type of rendition for the true day-one fans. Isn’t that something to enjoy? I certainly wouldn’t mind having a Polestar 1 that comes off with such a shine. This would be ideal for red carpets, beach dates and maybe racing past speed guns in the middle of the desert. What else is there to appreciate? Considering that the Polestar will be a revolutionary presence in the electric vehicle industry. Polestar, now you have to come up with something commemorative for the Polestar 2.

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