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Portland Car Shipping

Portland is a city in southwestern Maine. It is the largest city in this largely rural state. As of 2020, the city’s population was about 68,000.

The Portland Head Light, one of Portland’s most iconic sights.

Portland is a hotbed for tourism due to its historic charm and tradition of the arts. The Old Port district is the most famous area of Portland. Its cobblestone streets, excellent restaurants, and beautiful views of the Portland Harbor make it the city’s best-known destination. Portland also has a renowned arts district that is centered on Congress Street. This quarter is home to the Portland Museum of Art, the Maine Historical Society, and many other arts institutions.

Portland sits on the shores of Casco Bay in the larger Gulf of Maine. Casco Bay is known for being the home of many picturesque lighthouses, most notably the Portland Head Light in Ft. Williams Park. You can also take a lovely ferry boat ride to one of the many small islands in the area, like Peaks Island.

Portland has plenty of other things to do for both locals and visitors. Want to catch a baseball game? The Portland SeaDogs play at Hadlock Field in downtown Portland. Want to sit and sip for a while? The Allagash Brewery is one of the highest-rated destinations in the city. Want to experience some of Portland’s rich history? You can visit the Wadsworth-Longfellow House and enjoy a lovely homage to the poet who lived in Portland as a boy. No matter what you want to experience, Portland can offer it to you.

AMPM car shipping in Portland

Are you considering a move to Portland? There are plenty of reasons why you might be, but like any move, it can be a logistical nightmare. Fortunately, AMPM has the perfect solution for anyone needing to get a car to or from Portland. With AMPM’s expert auto shippers, your car will get where it needs to go in perfect condition every time.

AMPM offers the finest car transport service in the northeast. Our team of exceptional drivers has the professional expertise to transport vehicles of all shapes and sizes. From motorcycles to massive tractors, we have drivers with experience shipping any vehicle under the sun. And our phone agents have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal to help you with any problems that may come up during your shipment. They work closely with the compliance experts at DOT Operating Authority to ensure that all of our documentation is perfectly up-to-date and our vehicles are compliant with the current safety guidelines.

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