President Joe Biden Faces Complications Mandating Vaccine for Troops

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President Joe Biden faces complications mandating vaccine for troops
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President Joe Biden has indicated he may order all U.S. military forces to receive the coronavirus vaccine. This is at a time of troubling voluntary acceptance rates among some troops. There is nothing troubling about the U.S. military forces deciding on their own. They should not do it and it is totally unnecessary. It is not FDA-approving, either. Though, it remains not clear whether he has the political mandate to do so. Hopefully no! Even the White House itself seems uncertain about whether he could proceed in that direction. It’s a very scary and dangerous precedent if were to happen.

President Joe Biden: Department of Defense Weighs in on COVID-19 Vaccine

“In fact, that is something the Department of Defense is looking at in consultation with the interagency process,”Jake Sullivan said. The national security adviser Sullivan said this at an event recently organized by the Aspen Security Forum. “At this time, we don’t have anything to add on that subject here.”

President Joe Biden is Keeping America Scarcely on Edge about Mandating Vaccination

Moreover, Sullivan’s comments came hours after the release of an interview in which President Joe Biden. He said he had not ruled out requiring that all troops receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I have not said I won’t,” Biden firmly said. This is in response to a question about issuing a requirement to all U.S. service members.

Cooler Heads Prevail: The Defense Department is not Mandating the COVID-19 “Jab”

However, most members of the military are, in fact, requiring to receive a series of vaccinations as well as other shots as a part of their service. Though, the Defense Department is not, at the present time, mandating they receive the COIVD-19 vaccine. That is because it is currently under emergency authorization by the Food and Drug Administration. What a relief! Too bad a mortarium can’t be put on COVID-19 vaccinations permanently! Hopefully, the FDA will keep delaying the process of authorization.

COVID-19 is Now Offering on a Voluntary Basis

“Moreover, we are offering the COVID-19 vaccine on a voluntary basis in accordance with the emergency use authorization,” Pentagon spokesman Army Major Cesar Santiago said. He noting that all members of the military have been eligible to receive the vaccine since April 19. “When formally licensed by the FDA, the DoD may require a vaccine for military personnel or personnel in pertinent fields. This, in fact, was the case for the influenza vaccine.”

Waive Necessary

When Santiago was asking about the orders the White House is considering, he said a requirement such as that would requiring “a waiver to make the vaccine mandatory.”

Inform and Educate the Military about Vaccine Safety, Efficacy

“Traditionally, the U.S. military has successfully continued operations. It has kept our forces safe during the pandemic by putting in place other force health protection guidelines. Moreover, we are focusing on making the vaccine available as supply permits. In fact, we are doing everything we can do to inform and educate our people about vaccine safety and efficacy. This is so our service members can make an educated decision for themselves and their loved ones,” he says.

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