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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Effective date: Nov 11, 2015

Our Privacy Policy is established to protect your information. This privacy notice discloses the privacy policies of AMPM Auto Transportation, at It applies only to the information that is collected by the website, if otherwise is not stated. In this notice you can read about the information we collect and how it is used and secured, the possible policy changes and how they will be addressed, as well as the misuse of personal information.

This privacy notice can be changed at any moment at our sole discretion.

Privacy Policy: Information: collection, use and sharing. Security of the information. is the only owner of all the data collected by the website. We collect information through a secured network and software system linked to the safest processing system, We need certain information to provide our customers with a car shipping quote.

We require the following information to provide our customers with a quote:

  • Contact information, such as a customer’s name, email address and phone number
  • Zipcodes/cities of pick-up and delivery locations
  • The year, make and model of the vehicle, as well as its condition

All this information goes to the supervisor’s email and is used to calculate the quote. No data is kept after it has been used. We do not share any of this information, and it cannot be sold to any third party.  We guarantee the safety for the information that is collected by the website.

Privacy Policy: Sensitive and financial information

We do not gather any financial and sensitive information through the website. We do not collect credit card information through the website and no financial transactions are processed through the website.

Website security and content

To prevent any danger to information our customers share through the website, we keep the website’s security up-to-date.

To keep information on our website up-to-date, any changes can be made to the contents on our website without notice.

The website contains links to other web resources. We are not responsible for contents or privacy policies of these websites.