Ransomware Gang Takes Aim at National Rifle Association

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Ransomware Gang takes aim at National Rifle Association
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Ransomware gang is believing to be operating out of Russia says it has hacked the National Rifle Association. It is considering the most gun-rights group in the United States.

Ransomware Gang – Grief

Calling itself Grief, the gang, which is publishing a handful of what is appearing to be the NRA files on the dark website. In fact, the files are related to grants the NRA has awarded. The victim’s files are posting by ransomware gangs which post. They do this publicly in the hopes of pushing them to pay out a ransom.

NRA Says Mum on Physical and Electronic Security

Andrew Arulanandam, an NRA spokesman, said that the NRA “does not discuss matters relating to its physical or electronic security.” Also, it takes “extraordinary measures” to thus protect its information. Thus, if a person with direct knowledge of the situation was really not authorizing to discuss the matter publicly. They have spoken on condition of anonymity, said the NRA. It has had problems with its email system this week. Moreover, a potential sign of a ransomware attack.

Ransomware Attacks are Spiking up

In recent years, ransomware attacks happened in recent years against all manner of companies and organizations. However, they are rarely are the only targets as positively sensitive as the NRA. In fact, this group has supposedly long enjoyed close ties to top Republican lawmakers. They have, in fact, been a huge supporter of Republican candidates.

Tens of millions of dollars we’re spending by the NRA during the past two presidential elections that did try to help Donald Trump.

In the most recent years, the groups have been beset by legal and financial troubles. However, they do remain a strong force politically and do have more than 5 million members.

Ransomware Gangs and Politically Active Group

An intelligence analyst, Allan Liska, at the cybersecurity firm, Recorded Future. Moreover, it is very unusual for a politically active group such as the NRA. That is to be targeted by ransomware gangs. Therefore, there is no evidence the attack was politically motivated. Organizations are not targeted by ransomware gangs. However, it would be vulnerable technologies.

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