Renault 5 E-Tech Uses $27,000 Retro-EV Technology

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Renault showed off the production version of the E-Tech’s very own 5 model, where . Such an electric hatchback has a capacity to grow up to 249 miles of range with front-wheel drive and a max of 148 horsepower. Anyone can agree the general ballpark of $27,000 starting price shows off an appealing style. Unfortunately, the 5 E-Tech will have to be admired from afar, given that there are currently no plans to make for a different set of results. The plans as of yet show that Renault isn’t thinking about re-entering the United States market.

The 5 E-Tech had been shown off before, while the electric hatchback is translating the 2021 concept car’s very own styling where the production has come in with minimal changes. Of course, the French brand hasn’t seen any rationale to come back to the United States ever since the 1987 exit. Renault mentions how the production vehicle is able to share 95% of the design with the concept.

Additionally, the style is in regards to the first Renault 5, originally running from 1972 to 1985 while also featuring a boxy-looking silhouette. Complete with a black trim piece and equivalent cooling requirements.

Plus, the fog lights are formed easily by four of the L-Shaped LEDs, which utilize the Renault’s very own rallied heritage of the Renault 5 Turbo, known to be a legendary mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive variant coming in hot from the 1980s. Plus, a glossy black panel fits nicely on the left of the hood, as it displays a proper battery level while the driver comes close to the vehicle. Making it evident that they still love the way the older Renault 5 dependent of gasoline had been powered.

The fresh E-Tech had been rounded out well by sharp and vertical taillights while also showcasing clear and polite badging all over the tailgate and the front edge of the door, with a “5” all embedded upon the hash marks of the door. Within, the Renault uses a 10.1-inch touchscreen as well as a 10.0-inch display right behind the steering wheel.

The front-wheel drive comes with a single synchronous electric motor with three available power outputs, 94 horsepower, 121 horsepower 148 horsepower. The multi-link rear suspension comes as a stranger abnormality for the affordable class of cars in Europe.

The biggest battery on offer utilizes a 52.0-kilowatt-horus unit as it uses an estimated range of about 249 miles on Europe’s WLTP test cycle, all as the DC fast-charging capability with more than 100-kilowatts, as the 11-kilowatt AC unit for a bidirectional AC charging as there is power electrical accessories.

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