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Rochester Car Shipping

Downtown Rochester lights up at night.

Rochester is the third-largest city in Minnesota after the Twin Cities. Its population was 121,000 as of 2020.

Rochester is best known for being the home of the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic is one of the best-known and most lauded healthcare companies in the world. Its presence in Rochester looms very large, as it employs more than 15 times the number of employees as its next competitor. As a result, much of downtown Rochester is considered part of its sprawling campus. The historic home of the Mayo family, Mayowood, is a popular tourist destination for visitors who aren’t receiving care.

Rochester also has abundant natural beauty to enjoy. North of the city center, Silver Lake is a popular destination for recreation. Bicyclists will be happy to learn that the lake is a hub for the city’s 60 miles of bike paths. The most famous of these trails is most likely the Douglas Trail, a 12-mile route that takes riders along the route of an abandoned rail line. Hikers and nature enthusiasts will enjoy the Quarry Hill Nature Center‘s 329 acres of native plant and animal life.

In case you were unaware, Minnesota is very cold, and Rochester is no exception. However, its summers tend to be hotter than the more northern Twin Cities.

AMPM Auto Transport serves Rochester.

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