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Sacramento Auto Shipping

sacramento auto shipping
The California Capitol Building

Sacramento is California’s capital, sitting in the middle of the state. It’s California’s sixth-largest city and home to 525,000 Californians.

Though less famous than some of its coastal counterparts, Sacramento is still an excellent place to visit. Do you like learning about California’s history? The California State Capitol Museum in Capitol Park is one of the best places to do so. Are you a fan of trains and other modes of transportation? The California State Railroad Museum is one of the best-known museums in the state. Do you want to experience some of California’s famous natural beauty? Folsom Lake is nearby, and Sacramento isn’t far from Yosemite either. Of course, California’s capital city focuses heavily on the state’s history. However, this city is very much alive and well and capable of providing fun for everyone!

Sacramento is a warm, sunny city. In fact, it’s one of, if not the, sunniest city in the country for much of the year. It gets a decent amount of rain in the winter, but otherwise you’re in for sunny skies and warm sun.

Shipping a car to Sacramento with AMPM Auto Transport

Do you have an interest in moving to Sacramento? If so, you should reach out to your friends at AMPM Auto Transport! Our team helps people move to new homes and jobs every single day, so you know we can make your move to California’s capital as easy as can be.

AMPM’s on your side for any kind of move you need to make. Are you a business owner moving your company’s headquarters to Sacramento? Our corporate relocation service helps businesses move their vehicles with ease. Are you a car collector moving your extensive (and expensive) collection to a new garage? We can move your entire collection with the care that it deserves. No matter what kind of transport services you need, know that AMPM is on your side for the whole process!

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