Saving Trucker’s Marriage

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Relationships on the distance are never an easy thing. Being a truck driver means that you leave home to stay on the road for long periods of time. No wonder that marriage can be challenged by many obstacles a trucker and his wife have to overcome. She needs to get used to the fact that he is almost never around to help her if there is something wrong with her car, or if a washing machine got broken, or their son did something wrong in school and a teacher wants to meet both his mom and dad. At some moments it might seem hard. But statistically, truck drivers don’t have the highest divorce rate, which shows that it is possible to deal with all the marriage problems this kind of profession brings.

If you are in the same situation, we have some tips for you that can help keep your marriage strong while you stay committed to your job.

First of all, obviously, it’s maintaining a strong communication. You have to call each other all the time and tell each other about how your day has been. You should still feel like a part of each others lives. There are also apps like skype that will help you do it even better. Take pictures often to show your dearly beloved, maybe even of some small things you think it’s nice to share. It will give you a feel of being present in each other’s lives.

Also don’t hurry to judge your significant other. Be empathetic and remember that both of you are going through hard times when you have to be separated because of the nature of truckers job. And don’t ask each other things like: “Do you still love me the same?” It is absolutely unnecessary and will only make it harder.

And of course, make the most of the time when you can actually be together. Enjoy every minute of it and leave all the bad feeling you went through behind. Sometimes it is a great idea to take your wife to do a run with you. It can turn into a nice adventure as you explore places together. It can even give you more private time together and show your loved one what it is like living on the road.

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  1. librarylady

    Any kind of long distance relationship is tough, especially once you start having kids. But it’s easier today than it used to be thanks to the variety of apps and tech devices that make it easier to stay in touch. Now you can see each other as you talk even if you’re clear across the country. I like what you said about spending QUALITY time at home, and how about having the spouse go along for the ride occasionally? Great post.

  2. Cynthia Close

    People need articles like this to learn how to make this type of relationship work. Lots of people became truckers when the economy tanked and they were downsized, but they didn’t realize how difficult the lifestyle can be. Thanks for sharing.

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