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Scranton Car Transport

Scranton is a city in northeastern Pennsylvania. It’s the state’s sixth largest city, with an estimated population of 76,000.

Scranton earned its nickname in the late 1800s.

Scranton is a very old city by American standards, so it has a lot of rich history to experience. Nowhere is this history more alive than at Nay Aug Park. Nay Aug is where you can see things like the Everhart Museum, which has a little bit of everything, from artworks to science exhibits. It also has beautiful trails along Roaring Brook that include historic footbridges. And it even hosts events, including the annual Father’s Day Car Show. If you only do one thing in Scranton, you could do far worse than visiting Nay Aug Park.

However, there are plenty of other things to do in Scranton. Want to learn about Scranton’s history? Check out the Steamtown National Historic Site and learn about the city’s history as a rail hub. Looking for a peaceful walk? Stroll around Scranton Lake and watch the boats drift around. Itching to get out on the town? The Scranton Cultural Center hosts shows of all varieties. Scranton has something for everyone to enjoy, no matter who they are.

AMPM Delivers with Scranton Car Transport

Are you considering a move to Scranton? Whether you’re pulled in by the small-town charm or moving for a job, there are ways to make your moving experience far easier on you and your family. The best thing you can do for your move is to trust your car to AMPM, Pennsylvania’s top car shipper!

With AMPM, you get the absolute best car transport service every time. Unlike other auto transport companies, we can completely guarantee the safety of your vehicle. Our drivers are committed to keeping all the cars they haul completely safe. And your car will always have full insurance coverage while it’s in our care. Therefore, even if something terrible were to happen, you wouldn’t have to worry; we’ll have you covered!

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