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South Bend Car Shipping

South Bend is, ironically, a city in northern Indiana. Its name comes from the St. Joseph River, whose southernmost bend is near the city. South Bend is the seat of St. Joseph County and has a population of around 103,000 people.

The St. Joseph Circuit Court building.

South Bend is known for being the home or auxiliary location of many colleges and universities. Some of these are within the city limits, notably Indiana University South Bend, which is the third-largest university in the Indiana University system. It is most famous, however, for being just south of the campuses of the University of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s College, and Holy Cross College. All three are located in the census-designated place of Notre Dame, IN, which borders South Bend to the north.

South Bend also has a thriving downtown and historic area. For a connection to the city’s history as a manufacturing powerhouse, the Studebaker National Museum is a must-see. This museum chronicles the history of the Studebaker corporation, which was once a primary employer in the city. The Century Center is a 75,000-square-foot convention center for corporate and consumer events. It also houses the South Bend Museum of Art, an accredited museum of historical and contemporary art.

AMPM South Bend Car Shipping

South Bend has a lot to see and do. If you’re inspired to explore this city, or even to move there, then ship your car with AMPM Auto Transport. With our incredible team of drivers and phone agents, we can coordinate any shipment with ease. You’ll see our dedication to all vehicles in the work we do!

AMPM Auto Transport is proud to offer a variety of specialized car shipping services for any situation. For example, for a student moving into the dorms at Notre Dame, our college car transport service is perfect! With this service, we pick up your car from anywhere in the country and drive it right to your new dorm. This way, students can focus on settling into their new life as college students without needing to worry about their car. We’ll keep it in perfect condition.

So whether you’re moving from nearby Indianapolis or across the country, AMPM Auto Transport is the best way to ensure your car’s safety. We guarantee that we have a service that is perfect for your specific needs.

If you want a free quote on exceptional car shipping, call AMPM today!