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South Carolina Car Shipping

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South Carolina is situated on the southeast coast of America. Its capital is Columbia, while Charleston is its largest and most famous city.

Summers in South Carolina are predictably hot and humid. Fortunately for residents, winters on the coast are fairly mild. Inland, it does tend to be colder and the summer months wetter than on the coast. No matter where you’re at in the state, though, snow is not common. There’s occasionally freezing rain, and hurricanes are a regular threat.

In general, the weather in South Carolina is quite inviting. It definitely encourages the citizenry to get out and enjoy the state. And there’s tons to do. Charleston offers the Joe Riley Waterfront Park, whose fountains are known far and wide. For live performance, head to Columbia’s Koger Center for the Arts and catch some music, theater, or dance. And outside the big cities, there’s nature to be found at places like Lake Marion. No matter what you fancy, the state will keep you happy and active!

AMPM’s South Carolina Car Shipping

South Carolina is a great state with plenty of cultural attractions and an endless number of outdoor activities to interest just about anyone. For this reason, people are constantly moving here. So, if you’re thinking about making the next chapter of your life begin in South Carolina, call AMPM to make the transition as smooth as possible.

AMPM specializes in reliable and prompt car shipping. Rather than wasting time and money stuffing your car with belongings and embarking on a dangerous road trip, hire us to handle it for you. We’ll deliver your vehicle door-to-door and we’ll give you the option of choosing open or enclosed car transport. Both of these services are safe and efficient, though enclosed is a premium offering and so it costs slightly more.

Moving is always a challenging task. However, by eliminating the need to drive your car, it can be a little less of a pain in the neck. AMPM will move your exotic car, your commercial vehicle, and we’ll even pick up a new car from the dealer where you bought it – no matter where it is! Sincerely, we’ll go anywhere, no matter how remote, to grab your vehicle.

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