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Springfield Car Shipping

Springfield is the capital city of Illinois. It’s the largest city in central Illinois, with around 114,000 residents.

The Illinois State Capitol.

Springfield has a few claims to fame beyond simply being the capital city of Illinois. It is famous for being the home of Abraham Lincoln for seventeen years at the beginning of his political career. The Lincoln Home National Historic Site preserves his home during those years, as well as a variety of buildings and historical sites in the surrounding area. The Lincoln Presidential Library is a part of this historic district.

But Springfield is more than just its most famous resident, though. It’s home to Washington Park & Botanical Gardens, a lovely urban greenspace towards the northwestern end of the city. On the opposite end is Lake Springfield, which is a major local destination for boating and water sports. On the eastern shore of the lake is the Henson Robinson Zoo, where locals can view a variety of exotic and local animals.

AMPM Car Shipping in Springfield

AMPM is the best place to get a quality car transport service in central Illinois. With over a decade of experience, our team knows how to handle any transport with ease. Because of all those years of experience, we have an unrivaled wealth of knowledge about all things car transport at our disposal. Our goal is to take care of your car and any problems that may arise with it so you can focus on your life!

When you choose AMPM, you know you’re getting the best. We work only with drivers that have sterling driving records and up-to-date documentation to ensure that your cars will be safe and sound while out on the road. Combine that with our team of knowledgeable and friendly phone agents, and you get a service that can’t be beat. Whether you’re moving to Springfield permanently or just need your boat hauled to Lake Springfield, trust AMPM Auto Transport to handle all of your vehicle transport needs for you!

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