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St. Paul Car Shipping

St. Paul is the smaller of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. However, it is hardly a lesser city than its twin, Minneapolis. St. Paul is the state capital and second-largest city in the state, with a population of around 307,000.

Like much of Minnesota, St. Paul’s winters are very cold.

St. Paul is a large city, both by land area and by population, so it has a lot to offer its residents. One of its most iconic sights is the Cathedral of Saint Paul. Built in 1915, this imposing, Renaissance-style cathedral is a popular destination for Catholics or architecture fans. St. Paul is home to multiple renowned museums, including the Science Museum of Minnesota. This museum on the Mississippi River boasts interactive exhibits that the whole family can enjoy.

St. Paul also hosts a couple of excellent annual events. The Minnesota State Fair takes place in Falcon Heights, a suburb of St. Paul, every year. This 12-day celebration of the state and its history takes place in late summer and is the best-attended state fair in the U.S. St. Paul itself hosts the Saint Paul Winter Carnival every year in its downtown area. This carnival celebrates the region’s notoriously challenging winter months.

St. Paul is a classic Minnesota city with classic Minnesota weather. This means summers that are warm and humid and extremely cold winters. It has the coldest mean annual temperature of any major American city, meaning it is, on average, the coldest city in the country along with Minneapolis.

Do you need a good car shipping service in St. Paul?

There are many reasons why you may need to ship a car in the St. Paul area. Are you moving to St. Paul to enjoy its lovely art scene and beautiful natural setting? Are you a snowbird that needs to get out of St. Paul before the winter freezes you out? Whatever your reason for shipping a car may be, let AMPM Auto Transport help you out with the car shipping service that you deserve.

At AMPM, we enjoy handling all the logistics of your car transport for you. We work with our affiliates at DOT Operating Authority in order to plan our routes for maximum efficiency. Then, we utilize our vast network of drivers to find someone perfectly suited for your transport. And finally, our friendly phone agents are there to talk you through the whole process. If you have any questions during the shipping process, feel free to give them a call and learn more about what we do.

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