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April 4, 2019
Stolen Pickup Truck Chase Leads to 10 Injured

Stolen Pickup Truck Chase Leads to 10 Injured

LOS ANGELES, CA – Wednesday morning, within the Lake Balboa neighborhood, a crash occurred. According to police, ten people received injuries from this crash. And, the incident occurred as a result of a stolen pickup truck. While the driver of the stolen vehicle attempted to flee from police, a multiple car pileup occurred.

Apparently, police received a phone call from someone about the stolen pickup truck. The day before, they called to say they had seen a stolen truck. When police attempted to pull over the driver in the stolen Toyota Tacoma, the driver sped off.

As the driver took off, away from police, they ran a red light. As a result of running the light, they hit another vehicle. This crash caused a chain-reaction crash among other cars – a total of five vehicles were involved in the incident. Apparently, parts from cars flew into the air at the impact. The Toyota Tacoma flipped over onto its side.

Despite the crash and the injuries that it incurred, the driver still attempted to flee. The driver ran from the scene of the accident. Officials later found and captured the driver at a McDonald’s.

However, those involved in the crash had other consequences to deal with. Ten people received injuries. This includes a twenty-five-year-old woman. She actually became trapped inside her vehicle. Emergency personnel transported her to the hospital and claimed that she was in critical condition.

It is unclear what the conditions of the others involved in the crash are at this time. Hopefully, everyone recovers quickly. It is also unclear how the driver of the stolen pickup truck will be charged for this unfortunate event.

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