Test Drive A New Car The Right Way…. Here’s What To Look For!

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Throughout the years, the definition of car shopping has changed. There is more things to look into now then just tires. Car shopping now is all about technology. Know how to choose what is right for you. There are things you need and things that are a waste of money.It is important to familiarize oneself on what your car of choice can do and cannot do.


Your vehicle is an important factor of your life. There is so many important factors riding on that vehicle. You need to make sure it is as safe and advanced as you would like it to be. There is no need for on road surprises and issues. That is why it is important to follow these tips.


Here are some tips for taking a tech test drive:


— TAKE YOUR TIME: According to experts, test driving the technology should take at least 45 minutes. Is your phone compatible with the car? Do you know how to pair it? These are important factors you should test out. You should test out the sound by calling a friend and making sure the car understands your voice commands. Enter an address into the navigation system or, if the car has the capability, download an address to the car from your phone. The dealership is the place to test hings like this out.



— UPDATE YOUR PHONE: New cars will be most compatible with updated phones, so always make sure your phone is updated.



— SHOP AROUND: It won’t hurt to shop around even if you found that you want. Every car is different and you may figure out that something else suits you better or that some other technology makes usage easier for you. Test out the climate control, the navigation system, and bluetooth on a different car. See what you like and dislike.



— DON’T FORGET SAFETY: New technologies assure you safety, so do not buy a car without testing out which new safety features work for you. So lane detection devices make a noise, others flash a light, others vibrate, and some do all three. Figure out which one you are more comfortable with. Blind spot assistants work differently on different vehicles also. These features are important when it comes to safety, you need to make the right choice.




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