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Texas is the U.S.’s second-largest state in terms of both area and population. It occupies a chunk of the south-central area of the country. Its capital is the hip city of Austin. However, Houston overwhelmingly earns the title of Texas’s biggest city. Not only that, but Houston is the fourth-biggest city in all of the country!

Texas is called the “Lone Star State.” Also, people often use the expression “everything is bigger in Texas,” and it really is. In fact, due to the massive nature of the state, the weather varies considerably throughout. On the Gulf Coast, winters are relatively mild. Summers throughout the state are the same: hot! Though summers in the Rio Grande Valley are next level steaming.

It should be noted that thunderstorms are frequent no matter where you visit in the state. Plus, Texas gets more tornadoes than any single state.

With Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and, of course, Dallas, there’s an endless amount of sports and cultural events to attend in the state. After all, the Dallas Cowboys are “America’s Team.” Austin also offers the popular South By Southwest Festival. And if you’re still looking for fun and a reason to enjoy Texas, indulge in the iconic Texas barbecue.

AMPM Texas Car Shipping

Texas is not only one of the biggest states in America; it’s easily one of the best and most exciting. With multiple great cities and a rich history, Texas will always be a popular destination for people to move to. If you happen to be one of those people beckoned by the siren song of this western way of life, do yourself a favor and partner up with AMPM Auto Transport.

AMPM provides first-class car shipping, so you don’t have to fuss with this task when moving your life. We offer both open and enclosed auto transport, and we’ll even tackle your corporate relocation if you have plans to move an entire business. Best of all, whatever specific services you choose, we always provide door-to-door service. After all, our aim is to make moving simple and painless. We provide the best Austin car transport services around!

AMPM has been shipping cars for over a decade. You don’t last this long without providing efficient and customer-friendly service. And that’s exactly what we do. In fact, if your car has to be transported immediately, we can offer expedited shipping so it meets you at your destination when you need it.

Texas has tons of great places to see, and AMPM serves them all!

AMPM Auto Transport is here to minimize the headache of moving! Contact us today, and we’ll get you started on our professional services.