The Different Kinds of Enclosed Trailers and Their Advantages

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Can you tell what kind of enclosed trailer this is? Read on to find out!
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So you’ve chosen to ship your car in an enclosed trailer. At this point, you may think that you don’t have to make any more decisions. However, there are multiple types of enclosed trailers to choose from! In this article, we’ll break down each kind of enclosed trailer and what their advantages are.

Soft-Side Trailers are the Basic Enclosed Option

If you want the extra protection of shipping your car in an enclosed trailer but also want to save money, this is the way to go. Soft-side enclosed trailers protect your car with a tarp curtain, which gives your car an extra degree of protection over fully open transport. Soft-side trailers are great for security, as potential thieves can’t tell what is in the trailer from a distance. And if your car got a paint job recently, soft-side carriers have greater ventilation than other enclosed carriers. Soft-side trailers aren’t just a budget option; they provide a lot of extra protection.

Hard-Side Trailers Provide More Security

Hard-side enclosed trailers are the total package when it comes to safety. These trailers have, you guessed it, hard sides, which create a metal shell around your car. Outside of a massive crash or an act of God, no harm can come to your car when it’s in a hard-side trailer. Besides the security your car will have on the road, though, your car will also have an extra level of protection against people with bad intentions. It’s much harder to break into a trailer with hard metal sides than a trailer with tarp sides or no sides at all. If you want the best security possible, this is your option.

For the Star Treatment, Get a Hot-Shot Trailer!

Both of the trailers mentioned above will ship your car along with others. There are anywhere from two to nine spots on a typical enclosed trailer, which can leave your car shipping schedule at the mercy of others. Hot-shot trailers are the enclosed option for those who want their car shipped all by itself. Not only does this make scheduling much easier, but it also does more work to ensure your car’s safety. When a driver has to handle multiple cars, they all get a portion of the driver’s attention. With hot-shot shipping, your car will get the driver’s complete attention. If you want to completely ensure your car’s security and treat it like a king, then ship it in a hot-shot trailer!

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