Tips for College Drivers

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College students with cars have to take care of themselves and their car.
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So, you just got into college and are planning to ship your car with us. Now you have to prepare to live on your own for the first time and adjust to taking care of yourself. But do not forget that now you are responsible for taking care of your car too. Taking full responsibility for a car can be a big undertaking at first, but once you understand some basic things about safety, you will find it to be super easy to do! We highly recommend taking the following tips into consideration as you prepare for your move this fall.

Watch Where You Park.

You should definitely look into the parking situation at your school, but generally speaking, parking is an extra fee you have to pay, and your parking pass is only for a specific area. Be sure if you plan to park on campus that you keep track of where you can park with your specific pass in order to avoid any sort of parking ticket. If you do not plan to park on campus, be weary of where you park to make sure you do not leave your car in a risky spot.

Get In, Lock, and Leave

Oftentimes, younger people will get in their car and sit there for a while before actually locking the doors and driving off. This puts you and your car at risk, so always be mindful to get in your car and at the very least immediately lock the doors. You should also always try to leave shortly thereafter.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

If you like to keep some stuff in your car, always be aware of where you leave it. If you have anything of personal or financial value, make sure you keep those items out of sight. You can put them in your trunk, tuck things under seats, or even use a jacket or something like that to cover it. Doing this lowers the risk of break-ins as if people do not see items of value in your car, they are less likely to just randomly break in.

Prepare for the Weather

You will most likely do some research into what the weather is typically like at the school you are going to, but you want to make sure you prepare your car for the weather the same way you prepare yourself. If you are going to a school in an area that sees snow, anticipate needing chains for your car, and things like a shovel or ice scraper.

Maintain the Maintenance

Most of the time, if you are freshly out of high school, your parents probably took care of things like oil changes and tune-ups. Now that you are on your own, you should anticipate the possibility of having to take care of these things yourself.

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