Toyota Tundras are Recalled Over Fire-Prone Headlamps

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Toyota is recalling 158,489 full-size Tundra pickup trucks over headlamps, that could, in fact, trigger an electrical fire. Moreover, this recall does cover select 2018-2021 model-year trucks. This is according to the automaker’s filing with NHTSA. It is over an incorrectly designing electrical circuit. Thus, it can cause everything from inoperable headlamps to fires due to overheating.

Tundras Which are Exempt From Recall

In fact, the vehicles that are not fitting with Halogen headlamps are unaffecting by this recall campaign.

Moreover, according to the filing (PDF), a problem can, in fact, occurs when low beams and high beams are operating simultaneously. In fact, this condition occurs because of a faulty circuit. Then, when the high beams are “subjecting to repeating extending use,” especially when the vehicle is in parking or driving at a low speed, there may, not be adequate airflow to cool the Halogen lights. Moreover, it could lead to wiring insulation and bulb connector melting. Thus, if left unattended, the resulting open headlamp circuit may cause a fire that could “propagate to other parts of the vehicle.”

Incidents Involving Toyota Results in Fire

Moreover, Toyota is aware of 18 incidents, six of which have resulted in fires.

Moreover, to fix the issue, dealers are going to modify the engine wire harness assembly. Then, inspect the headlight bulb connector. Next the bulb and headlight assembly. If, in fact, a component is finding to be damaging due to overheating, it’ll be replacing with new ones. Next, Toyota will notify owners by November 1. However, if you have further questions in the meantime, you can call the automaker at (800) 331-4331. You can also check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle-safety hotline at (888) 327-4236. In addition, visit its website to check their vehicle identification number to learn more.

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