What Truck Drivers Have To Know About DAC Reports?

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DAC Services is a type of information system which is providing a complete background of drivers. The information includes MVR reports,  credit reports,employment history, results of previous drug and alcohol tests and criminal records. They also report workmen’s comp and disability claims. Everything that is on your DAC report will affect your career and employment opportunities. It is important to know what DAC is, and what your DAC report says about you.


Consumer credit checks, in many other industries, are a standard part of a company’s pre-hireprocess. In the trucking industry, there is the DAC report. That notorious handful of papers filled with your personal information being used against you in the court of trucking industry opinion.


A driver does have certain rights when it comes to their DAC report. If you lose a job due to information on your DAC report, upon your request (at no charge) you must be provided with a copy of the report. DAC reports, like credit reports should be regularly reviewed by the driver for mistakes and misinformation. Knowing what is on your DAC report and making sure the information is correct can be the difference between getting a job and not.


The following information is usually included, for each of your previous employers:

  • License number and information including restrictions and endorsements
  • Name and address of contributing company (employer), and date submitted
  • Employment record (on-the-job performance)
  • Driver Identification (Name, Social Security Number, Date Of Birth)
  • Period of driver service (month and year)
  • Types of freight and trailers hauled
  • Reason for leaving
  • Eligibility for rehire


As a driver you have many rights when it comes to your DAC report and the information that it contains. A driver has a right know who has accessed their DAC reports for the last two years. Drivers can also dispute any item on the report. Drivers may dispute any allegations on your DAC report within 30 days. Information that cannot be verified by the reporting motor carrier must be corrected or removed within 5 days of the conclusion of the investigation. It is up to the driver to provide a copy of the corrected report. If a disputed report is not found to be incorrect or the carrier chooses to stick by their report the driver has a right to rebut the information. All rebuttals will be permanent parts of the driver’s DAC reports. When you rebut a report or challenge a report it is important that you provide any and all official documents you can. Police report case numbers, witnesses and any memos you may have received concerning the incident from the carrier can all be helpful.


It’s very important that you regularly check your DAC report. Even with all the checks and steps being taken to ensure that the information on a DAC report is correct, you are the best person to know what is correct and what is a mistake regarding your personal record and information.



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  1. Monica

    Don’t you think it will be a great idea if companies have a proper orientation and regular training courses where it is essential for drivers to learn about DAC services? We really cannot take the risk of relying on drivers to learn about it on their own as not learning about will not only ruin their career but also put others on high risk.

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