Truckee Crash Shuts Down I-80

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Keep an eye out for emergency personnel on I-80!
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Truckee, California is a small town near Lake Tahoe and the Nevada State Line. The town sits along I-80, making it a common stopping point for many in the trucking industry. However, a Wednesday morning crash may turn Truckee into a traffic nightmare for hours.

Police responded to reports of a multi-vehicle accident near Truckee at 4 a.m. They arrived at the scene to find ten vehicles, including multiple big rigs, entangled. The authorities quickly closed I-80 East, forcing many truckers to find a different route. Most were sent south on SR-89 to find a better crossing for the Nevada State Line.

As of 9 a.m., the freeway remained closed. The authorities reported only minor injuries to those involved, but the cleanup will likely take quite a while. After all, any accident that involves multiple big rigs is going to take time to fix up. Hopefully the authorities will be able to recover these trucks relatively quickly, but if you had plans to take a road trip to Nevada from Sacramento, you may want to reconsider your plans.

What caused the Truckee crash?

Local and state officials have not released a possible cause for the crash beyond slick roads. Slick roads are certainly a factor in the region right now as Northern California endures one of the harshest winters in recent history. There has been so much rain and snow in California that the state is issuing flood warnings for many of its residents. Those warnings come, of course, after many years of a worsening drought. It’s been a bit of a change for Californians this year.

We’ll know more about the causes of the crash once authorities finish their cleanup and initial investigation. Their main priority right now is reopening I-80, which is a critical lifeline for the trucking industry. Once that happens, you can bet that insurance adjusters will arrive on the scene to determine fault.

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