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In the world we live in nowadays, people have the chance to travel and get to know different parts of the world, experience other cultures and make amazing new friends all around the globe. Traveling and moving from one place to another has become the norm.

Truck drivers in America probably know their countries best that anyone. After all, they have spent hours and hours driving along the roads and states and cities. But some might wonder about what it is like somewhere else. Somewhere far and beyond the borders of the 50 states.

And to all of them, we want to say that there is always an option to start driving your freight on foreign roads too. This allows you to broadly explore and get the experience of living somewhere else while still making a wage and leading a stable financial life.

There are many benefits that come from living in a foreign country. It is usually a good chance to expand your horizons and get to know new people, new ways of thinking and new ways of living life. You can move by yourself or even with your family. For sure they will enjoy the experience of traveling and living abroad, as well!

For many people, when they think about trucking abroad, they immediately think of dangerous places that might even be at war. But this is not what trucking overseas is. Everything depends on your goals and your preferred destinations. You can choose literally any place in the world!


First of all, you might need to consider the different requirements depending on the country or region to choose to move to. It is certain that every country requires truck drivers to have the proper CDL license.

These licenses tend to be international but be careful because maybe some countries ask for a national license. For example, this happens in England, where they require a special one. After all, they do drive on the other side of the road!

Do some research before start applying to jobs abroad. This is very important since many countries might also ask for extra permits or licenses. Always make sure to be ready for wherever you are going. Each place is different, and they will all have good and bad things. But it is important to learn from both.

Secondly, you should also make sure to speak with the consulate or check the country’s immigration website to check the requisites for foreign contractors. You might to apply for a specific visa or get a permanent or temporary resident card.

Just as the US has its own policy for foreign companies, persons and contractors, so will the rest of the world. A US passport can open many doors, though. So, the process should be simple. You can always consult with a lawyer to help you sort everything out.

Finally, make sure to check the freight and haul companies in your country or city of interest and see what they are looking for. Every place has its own companies and some of them might be better or offer more perks or have more competitive salaries than others.

So always make sure to do your research diligently. That part might be the most crucial one!


There are a few things you might want to consider before moving overseas. For example, you should check the political climate in the place of your interest. You should also do some research to find the average prices of rent, food, and transport.

The salary and taxation of your job are also important when relocating for work. Make sure that you understand the way taxes work in every country and also the taxes you might have to pay to the US if you are a citizen.

In general, salaries around the world tend to be lower than in the US, with some exceptions of course. But don’t let that discourage you. In most of these places, life is usually way cheaper and with far less money you might be living a way better life.

For example, in Thailand you can rent a huge private villa with pool included and located in a great area for less than $1,000 a month. Or in Spain you can get groceries for a third of what you spend in food in America. So, take everything into consideration before deciding on taking the leap.

Another important thing to take into consideration are your personal goals. Is there a part of the world you have always wanted to discover? Maybe you could choose a place in that area and use your free time or vacation days there to travel all around the area. You will get to see so much of the word!


Did you know the US is the second country in the world with best wages for truck drivers? That is right: the second! That is really good. Although keep in mind that it is just an average pay. Depending on the state or even company it can meaningfully change.

Also, make sure you don’t select your destinations only taking money into consideration. Usually, the place where it is most dangerous to work can be also the ones with the best rates due to the lack of people willing to take the risk. You can make a very good living somewhere else!

Nonetheless, we have gathered some information about the best-paying countries for truck drivers. In case you want to take a look when selecting your next country to call home!

1 – Norway (annual average salary of $56,064)

2 – United States (annual average salary of $50,310)

3 – Canada (annual average salary of $43,830)

4 – Netherlands (annual average salary $43,464)

5 – Australia (annual average salary of $42,922)

6 – France (annual average salary of $41,957)

7 – United Kingdom (annual average salary of $33,758)

8 – Sweden (annual average salary of $32,828)

What do you think about trucking abroad? Have you had any good or bad experiences overseas? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and stories in the comment section!

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