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The Final Rule has been adopted by the FMCSA that Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) will be required in commercial vehicles like trucks and buses in order to make the roads safer. The rule is expected to fight the drivers’ fatigue by compliance with allowed hours of service.

The estimates have it the Final Rule will save 26 lives and prevent over 500 injuries from accidents that involve large commercial vehicles.

The Final Rule will also reduce the amount of paperwork used in the industry and help save over $1 billion per year.

Another point is that the rule will also help roadside law enforcement do their job. They will be more efficient in reviewing driving records. There will be strong restrictions that will prohibit CMV-driver harassment.

The technology specifications will be set for ELDs in order to help manufacturers produce the right systems and devices. It will be done to also help the purchasers get all the needed information to make decisions about buying.

Smartphones and other devices will also be allowed to be used as ELDs as long as they satisfy all the technical requirements.

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  1. Thomas

    Man, the industry sure has changes. Probably some good and bad to both sides of the argument. Overtime, I’m sure it will even out.

  2. Jack Williams

    I am sorry, but knowing the trucking industry like I do, getting an REAL log was something that was much needed. So many drivers can mess with their logs and that is not a good thing for any one.

  3. Michelle

    My husband is a truck driver, so I will always worry about him on the road. I think electronic logs are much more efficient. Anything that saves lives and makes life on the road safer is a success.

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