Trucking Job Opportunity: Is Your Company Ready for Amazon Freight?

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Amazon Transportation Services has a developing presence across North America. This area is full of the blue trucks with the distinctive Prime logo that are daily reminders of the high volume of highway freight Amazon generates. However, Greg Sellers tells that those trailers are just the little part of the iceberg that represents a real opportunity for US trucking companies.


“We engage trucking companies of various sizes from across the United States, offering a compelling value proposition,” said Sellers. He is working as the Business Development Manager at Amazon Transportation Services.


Seller describes the case by saying that they don’t hire drivers, but instead they work with trucking companies who own fleets of three or more tractors. “We offer existing trucking companies an opportunity to expand their businesses by partnering with us.”


“We have three different divisions that companies who manage their own trucks can haul for: Closed Loop Division, Brokerage Division, and Purchase Division. Between the three of them, we can offer asset-based companies freight options that are a good fit for a variety of geographic or freight needs.”


“Our opportunities range from weekly pre-planned power-only closed-loop trips, with sliding scale mileage rates; to same-day ad hoc loads which could be power only or with the company’s trailer, one way or round trip with variable market rates across the nation; as well as the opportunity for companies to bid and run lanes in our network with their own trailers,” said Sellers.


So, what’s required from the companies who’d like to begin hauling Amazon freight?


Greg Seller, at Amazon Transportation Services, answers your question“You have to be an asset-based company with 3 or more trucks in your fleet, have an active authority/DOT and an SCAC, as well as a satisfactory CSA score,” Sellers explains. “All in all, we’ve seen that working with us gives companies a way to complement their freight base because of the many options we offer them. We encourage companies to get in touch with us so that we can match them with the Amazon freight division that’s the best fit for their needs. We’ll walk them through each of our divisions and show them how easy it is to start bidding on our freight.”


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