Trump and Biden Share Different Opinions about Immigration

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The Southern Border is going to see some visits from Biden and Trump as they’re hitting the campaign trail in anticipation that the two candidates are hoping to attend, with discussion over immigration. President Joe Biden hasn’t been to the border since El Paso in January 2023. This time around, he’s likely to visit the border town of Brownsville in the Rio Grande Valley. That area in particular has long felt the issues of migration up-front and personal. The critics of the administration make it known that that the likelihood that this is just a shuffle-around to hide some migrant influx is highly likely.

Eagle Pass is said to be where Donald Trump is meant to visit. On plenty of other occasions, he had visited the border and would even be so proud so as to mentioned it before the White House would. Certainly awkward as Joe Biden mad it known he wasn’t even aware that “his good friend” would be there on the same day. Of course, the timing of the trip is said to max out the political impact just a week before the State of the Union address. Of the officials, there was a hope spoken of a “split screen.” Meanwhile, Trump made jest of Biden upon a radio show how when in regards to get Biden over, “It took me announcing that I’m going down to the border.”

The Shite House themselves had made it clear that the trip was planned well beforehand. A recent poll showed about 57% of registered voters how if Trump could secure the border better, about 22% would believe Biden would hold up much better in holding the line on the border. Such a poll mad it known that around 48% of people could potentially trust Biden to treat immigrants in a humane manner, as 31% vouched for Trump.

The White House themselves discovered the policies couldn’t potentially stem the flow of migrants not long after the pandemic limits would lift.

Around 1,659,206 encounters had been had between migrants and the Border Patrol in the 2021 fiscal year.

Migrants have overwhelmed folks all over Texas, like in El Paso and Eagle Pass.

Big cities are struggling to take care of migrants. The bipartisan border bill could have potentially involved $1.4 billion.

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