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Tuscaloosa Car Transport

Tuscaloosa is a large college town in western Alabama, home to around 100,000 Alabamans. Home to the University of Alabama, the culture of Tuscaloosa often revolves around the university and its dominant football team.

The main draw of Tuscaloosa is the university’s main campus, home to nearly 40,000 students. The university is the flagship university of Alabama’s state university system and is home to the Crimson Tide. Those visiting Tuscaloosa would be remiss to miss out on Bryant-Denny Stadium, home to the legendary Crimson Tide football team. While tickets are hard to come by, this stadium remains a destination due to its massive capacity; it is the 10th-largest stadium in the world.

However, the university is not the only thing Tuscaloosa has to offer. Tuscaloosa is also known for its water features. The Black Warrior River bisects the city before running all the way down to Demopolis. Lake Tuscaloosa sits to the north of the city and is a great day trip for local water sport enthusiasts. Furthermore, smaller lakes to the south of the city, like Friday Lake, can provide a nice, relaxing day.

AMPM Tuscaloosa Car Transport

Do you need to transport a car to or from Tuscaloosa? Then look no further! With AMPM Auto Transport, shipping your car to, from, and anywhere near Tuscaloosa is easy. At AMPM, we pride ourselves on giving you the smoothest service experience money can buy. With our extraordinary drivers, your car will get the star treatment no matter where it’s going!

We specialize in helping students move. Our college car transport service is the perfect service for any freshman moving onto the University of Alabama campus for the first time. We know our way around college campuses, from the massive University of Alabama to tiny Stillman College. Moving is always a challenge, but with AMPM, it can be much easier!

Thanks to our work with DOT Operating Authority, we know that our drivers are always in compliance with federal and state regulations. With their help, our drivers can easily get any documents they need to drive freely. So you know that every time you schedule one of our drivers, they’ll take great care of your car.

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