U.S. National Security Officials Investigating Hacker Intrusions

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U.S. National Security Officials Investigating Hacker Intrusions
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U.S. National Security Officials Looking into Suspicious Activity

U.S. National Security Officials say its institutions receive a hack on behalf of a foreign government. Therefore, this what the Trump administration said on Sunday.

Russia is Again Behind the Illegal Activity!

Russia is thought to be involved in the attack on the U.S. Treasury and Commerce department. Moreover, this is what the U.S. media is calling one of the most sophisticated attacks on the U.S. government systems in years.

U.S. National Security Officials and Various Agencies are on Alert to Check into this Crime

However, the Commerce Department said in a statement confirming one of its agencies suffering from a breach. Therefore, they could not comment further at this time. They have however asked the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

U.S. National Security Officials State the Intrusion, Motive Remain Unclear

The investigation into the hacks is by the FBI. In addition, to the cybersecurity arm of the Department of Homeland Security. Therefore, it remains unclear to what the extent of the intrusion, motive, or whether other agencies part of this.

U.S. Government is Monitoring All Activity

There is an awareness of these reports by the United States government. They are taking all necessary steps to identify and remedy any possible matters connected to the situation, National Security Council spokesman John Ullyot said. 

However, a Kremlin spokesman said Monday that Russia was not involved. 

The Russians are Thought to be the Culprits

The Americans could not do anything about these attacks if there had been any. Moreover, it’s pointless and ridiculous to blame the Russians, spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reports. He affirms they didn’t have anything to do it with.

A Breach of Security

The breach was first reported by Reuters. The U.S. National Security Council officials met Saturday at the White House to discuss the attack. Moreover, it involved stealing information related to internet and telecommunications policymaking.

Stealing Hacking Tools

FireEye is a U.S. cybersecurity company with government and corporate contracts. Therefore, the company was part of an attack in which foreign government hackers stole some of its hacking tools.

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