Uber Freight Is A Step Closer In Making Finding A Job Trucking Easier!

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Soon, truck drivers may be turning to Uber in finding a load to transport. Receiving a load is going to be as simple as pressing a button.


Uber Technologies is a soon to be logistics company. With the announcement of Uber Freight launch on Thursday, Uber may be an important player in the game sooner than expected.


So, what exactly is Uber Freight?


It’s not much different than what we know of Uber now. Uber drivers find passengers that need a ride, the Uber Freight app will connect truck drivers to big loads that need to be transported a long distance. The only difference is that the passenger ride hauling app relies on drivers who have no affiliation to taxi fleets whereas, the commercial trucking app will only be avalable o truckers who work for specific carriers.

The requirements for carriers to use the app require a Motor Carrier Number, a satisfactory safety rating and insurance. Also, Drivers must drive either a 53 ft long dry van or reefer truck, this is until Uber expands its vehicle types in the future.

“We’ve been in stealth since late last year, moving loads in Texas and a few other places,” says Eric Berdinis, senior product manager for Uber Freight. “Uber pioneered the notion of ‘press a button, get a car,’ and now we want to create ‘press a button, get a load.'”


Do you have cargo that needs to be shipped out?


Customers looking to ship goods with Uber Freight must contract directly with Uber by contacting the company. Shipments can be booked weeks in advance with deliveries as prompt as same-day.


How does payment work?


Payment is made to drivers within seven days and they have their rate confirmed ahead of time. Uber has not given a direct answer to the question that revolves way it splits fares with drivers and carriers.

The majority of the freight currently available for hauling in the Uber Freight app is in Texas, the company said, but the service is available across the U.S. The app has been designed to service carriers of all sizes, according to Uber, but it is best suited for small carriers and their drivers.


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