Unsafe Roads: Car Drivers Take Warning

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-A crash in Capitola in which a 5-year-old child was ejected from a truck occurred at 9.12 a.m. on Tuesday. The crash happened on Highway 1 near the Park Avenue exit.
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Drivers and truckers have to work together in order to prevent unsafe roads. It is imperative that they follow the laws and respect one another. Everyone wants to get home safe and sound, but when you take unnecessary risks to do that, you might not make it home at all.

Be Calm

Easier said than done. We get it, you just got out of work, or you’re on your way home from a week-long haul. You just want to lay down, see your family/friends and relax. Perhaps it’s Friday and you’re trying to kick it with your friends, or perhaps you have your daughter’s school play to get to. Either way, getting frustrated or angry won’t get you anywhere any faster. The trick is to remain calm. If you aren’t calm, you’re going to make brash decisions that can have a negative impact on yourself as well as others.

Don’t Follow Too Closely

Getting anxious means that you are more likely to tailgate someone. Whether you are in a car, truck, or semi, following too closely can cause an accident. Even a minor one impedes on getting to where you need to go. A fender bender stops you from getting to your friends, or your daughter’s school play on time.

Don’t Cut Out In Front Of People.

Making sudden lane changes without looking, or simply trying to get out in front of someone when you know it could be dangerous causes all sorts of problems. “Think” you can make it? If you have to say that, then don’t even try. Getting T-boned has never resulted in anything good and it could potentially take your life or the life of someone else. No more hanging with the boys, or making it to your daughter’s school play.

Creating Unsafe Roads Means More Than Just You

When you create an unsafe environment, you’re not just creating one for yourself (which we always encourage you not to do ) but it also creates an unsafe environment for the others around you. Cutting someone off doesn’t just mean that your car gets damaged, but someone else’s car gets damaged. and so-on. Being cautious and respectful to everyone while driving (even if they aren’t to you) means that you are in control of creating a safe environment for everyone. It is your responsibility as well as the responsibility of those around you to keep the roads safe.

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