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Around 30,000 people die on the road every year in the United States. The vast majority of these crashes happened as a result of human error. These days it is quite possible that many of those accidents could have been avoided if there was no human factor. There are many technologies that can prevent collisions from happening. There can be a forward-collision warning. And how many wrecks could have been prevented with automatic emergency braking? Vehicle-to-vehicle technologies could prevent collisions from happening at all. If all of those things were in every vehicle, just imagine how much safer driving would become. And with this the chances are there would be even more tools to appear to protect vehicles from all kinds of accidents.

But there also will be new challenges. And the first of them is cybersecurity. We are living in the age of internet, computers and other technologies that became essential parts of our routine. But those things made us vulnerable, too. There’s a lot of information that we keep in those systems. So it can be stolen, lost, damaged or used against our safety. The same concerns would appear with road safety technologies.

There’s a lot to be done if those technologies would someday become a part of our lives. The technologies must be electronically reliable. And as mentioned above, cybersecurity is crucial. But the statistics show that this is a necessary step.

Is the human factor really to be gotten rid of in driving? And how far should technologies go?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Nancy Doyle

    It’s shocking that 30K people killed every year on the road in the US because of human error! And to prevent this it would a great idea as you said if we develop some technology that need to fit in every vehicle and it’s automatic prevent the collision between them. And yes the cybersecurity is very crucial part in vehicles nowadays.

  2. Jim Huge

    I like your concept of automatic emergency braking system. If all the vehicles on the road have such systems, we can stop the accident from happening. It will change the face of the transportation system. But as all the things will be automatic, we need to implement cyber security to such device in a vehicle so that it can’t be used in a destructive way. BTW, I read your testimonials, you are doing a great job!

  3. robert

    so if u all are suprized and the amount of people who get killed then why dosent the goverment band all trucking and have only the trains haul everything? I have been a trucker for years and i see more cars the get people killed then trucks. if you all feel that trucking in general is bad then why are you all sitting here and not out makeing the trucking industry shut down for good?

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