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Vermont Car Shipping

Check out Vermont’s beautiful fall scenery!

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Vermont is a state located in the northeastern area of the United States. More specifically, it is tucked away in the iconic New England region. Montpelier is its capital, with Burlington being its largest city.

The quaint state of Vermont has the second-lowest population in the United States. In fact, three-fourths of the state is forest. It makes sense, then, that Vermont is the United States’ leader in maple syrup production.

The weather in the spring in Vermont is muggy. Weirdly, summer is pretty mild until August sets in. Fall in the state is a rush of brilliant colors. The forested hills become a massive blend of red, gold, and orange in the hills. When the fall colors give way to winter, the landscape becomes quite cold. There’s an old joke that it even gets too cold here to snow.

Vermont is a popular nature retreat. After all, that big, lush forest is very inviting, especially during the peak of the fall season. And in the spring, people come to take part in the Maple Open House Weekend! In short, Vermont is not a flashy, populated destination, but its charms are lovely and timeless!

AMPM Vermont Car Shipping

Do you have plans to make a summer visit to Vermont? Maybe you’re eager to participate in the Maple Open House Weekend. Or maybe you’ve decided to relocate to Vermont in search of a simpler life closer to nature. Whatever your Vermont plans are, definitely partner up with AMPM Vermont Car Shipping.

AMPM is a respected veteran of the car transport industry who’s been gaining new fans for over 12 years. We started out as a humble, family-run operation, and now we ship cars to and from anywhere in the country. We offer a standard door-to-door service that allows you to choose either open or enclosed car transport. Even better, if your needs are urgent, we have top-notch expedited car shipping.

AMPM understands the difficulty of moving your entire life to a new place. Our aim is to uncomplicate one aspect of that equation. We handle your vehicle with the expert touch that it needs in order to remain safe on the road. And we gladly handle exotic car transport, RV transport, and even boat transport!

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