Ways to Reduce Distracted Driving and Improve Fleet Safety

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In 2012,  3,328 people were killed in crashes related to distracted driving according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Another study by GPSSystems.net, revealed that under inflated tires are a contributing factor in more than 20 percent of accidents. These kinds of accidents are especially tragic because they could have easily been avoided.


If we really want to make a difference, it’s important we give our support and teach safe driving habits. Here are few tips for drivers, that can help prevent distracted driving:


1.    Do not drive if you feel sleepy

Many accidents happen because the driver is too exhausted. Try to move away from the road to be safe if you feel even a little sleepy and wont be able to reach your destination.

2.    Keep away from multi-tasking while driving

Many drivers have a habit of making calls  while driving, the  others play with the radio or their music player while driving. Do these things before you drive in order to be safe on the road.  Multi-tasking should be kept outside of the car.

3.    Do not eat while you are driving

If you are eating while driving is a distraction itself, if your food spills, it becomes a distraction to the power of two. It is best to be safe and keep away from eating anything while  driving.

4.    Do not use your cell phone

Making or receiving calls or texting can divert a drivers attention. Cell phones should only be used in case of emergency. So the driver should pull over to a safe area and then make a call.
5.    Knowing better all the features in your car

It is important that before you drive a car, you know how to use its features. You must know how to turn on the wipers, air conditioner, or music without taking your eyes of the road.

Most companies can offer their drivers the following tips which can assist their drivers steer away from distracted driving:

  • Apply a written safety policy: Create a document which introduces the importance of driver safety and clearly shows your policies and procedures. You must discuss the policies during company meetings and make sure that each employee has a copy of the document. This will show your employees how serious you are about safety.
  • Develop a driver motivation program: Execute a program that recognizes employees for safe driving behaviors. Giving rewards will motivate employees and encourage them to take part  in the program. Celebrating employee achievements can also help improve workplace confidence.


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