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Westerly Car Shipping

Westerly is a city in southwestern Rhode Island, on the shore of the Block Island Sound. It has a permanent population of 23,000, though there are many more people in Westerly in the summer.

Westerly Car Shipping
Westerly gets a huge influx of people every summer.

Most people know Westerly for its famous beaches, including Misquamicut State Beach. This beach is the largest in Rhode Island, and it fills up quickly with tourists every summer. While Misquamicut is the city’s most popular destination, it’s far from the only beach it offers. From the more upscale East Beach to the small, more quiet Fenway Beach, there’s plenty of coastline for everyone to enjoy in Westerly. There’s even a nature conservation area, the Napatree Point Conservation Area. This peninsula juts westward into Little Narragansett Bay and includes the historic Fort Mansfield.

Westerly has a relatively mild climate for Rhode Island. It has around average snowfall during the winter, and its summers are warm and sunny. The pleasant summer weather brings tons of tourists to Westerly, nearly doubling its population in the summer.

Shipping a Car to Westerly with AMPM

There are plenty of reasons to move to or enjoy a vacation in Westerly. Its mild climate, small-town charm, and lovely beaches make it one of Rhode Island’s most popular destinations. It’s no wonder why people might want to move there, and it’s also no wonder why they’d trust their cars to a reputable car hauler like AMPM. Our team has helped people move to and the Ocean State, both permanently and temporarily, for over two decades!

Working with AMPM allows you to take advantage of an incredible team of trucking professionals. It all starts with our drivers, who are some of the finest car movers in the country. When your car is on one of their haulers, you can rest assured your car’s in the hands of the professionals. Our customer support team is no slouch either; they are capable of answering any question or solving any problem you may have with our work. Working with AMPM means ensuring your car’s complete security and working with the best team in the business.

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