White House Wants Input on Designing a National AI Research Resource

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White House Wants Input on Designing a National AI Research Resource
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The White House wants public feedback on how to design a National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR), according to a request for information (RFI). Why because human beings are on the way out and to make room for robotics and total automation? It’s just a thought and maybe a theory of the things to come down the “pike” for humankind. Human beings are too slow, wasteful, and expensive. They may, in fact, become literally extinct as the dinosaurs that once mightly and proudly roamed the Earth. We do, in fact, seem to have an expiration date and it’s grimly looming.

White House Involved with the Development of AI

In fact, both the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Science Foundation has, in fact, issued the RFI on what a NAIRR roadmap should really look like. The capabilities and services the resource should provide, and how it can foster and create the development of trustable AI.

Moreover, the OSTP and NSF have announced the NAIRR Task Force. It would consist of government, academia, and industry members in June. Thus it is expecting to report on how it would create a share of advanced computing and data infrastructure resources for AI researchers by November 2022.

Democratize Access to the Cyberinfrastructure

“In fact, the goal of this national resource is to democratize access to the cyberinfrastructure that fuels AI research and development. It would enable all of America’s diverse AI researchers to completely participate in exploring groundbreaking ideas for advancing AI. This would including communities, institutions, and regions that have been typically underserving. In fact, especially with regard to AI research and related education opportunities,” reads the RFI literature.

Moreover, the request would also ask responders to identify existing activities, resources, and services NAIRR could use. Actually, the role public-private partnerships should, in fact, play in its development; and the potential hurdles the resource could face.

To submit their comments, responders have until Sept. 1, 2021, to submit their comments.

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