Wuling Is Winning: Why The Tiny Electric Vehicle Is Making Big Moves

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The latest entry in the race to sustainability may be a tough contestant. The Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV is only a month old and already China loves it. It’s their best selling EV, kicking Tesla’s Model 3 to the curb.

Wuling is a brand exclusive to China. General Motors’ darling offshoot sold 15,000 units in August after just making an announcement in July. Reuters claims Tesla could only compare with 11,800 Model 3 sedans sold in the same time frame.

So why is this? Let’s check the specs!


Current research shows, however, Tesla doesn’t stand a chance. The price of the Hong Guang Mini EV lends to it’s likability. For only $4,200 at current exchange rates, it’s truly an attractive two-door anyone can enjoy.


It has a practical “small on the outside, big on the inside” approach to it’s design. The whole car is shockingly minimized to one-hundred seventeen inches long.

However, the interior measures up to 741 liters of space. Of course, with rear seats folded downwards. With it, you can fit two 26-inch suitcases or even a baby stroller. Be on the look out for twelve, count them, twelve storage spaces!


Wuling’s star car can generate 13 kW of maximum power along with a high ratio of maximum torque. You can gun it to a top speed of 105 miles per hour on a single charge.


The technology the Hong Guang hogs is a BMS intelligent battery management system. It features low-temperature technology as well as battery insulation. Combo that with an advanced IP68 waterproof / dustproof rating and you’re ready for 16 outrageous safety tests!

All in all, it’s a zippy ride. While being a useful distraction. GM is rumored to integrate it’s luxury line of electric vehicles into the Cadillac brand. Don’t go rushing to the store just yet. As this will likely be a local buy in China. Just like Wuling’s Hong Guang Mini EV!

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