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Yakima Car Transport

Yakima is a city in central Washington. It’s one of the largest cities in the state east of the Cascades, trailing only Spokane with its 97,000 people.

yakima car transport
The Yakima Valley is one of Washington’s treasures.

Yakima sits in a valley of the same name, and it’s the cultural center of the region. If you want to learn more about its history while you’re here, check out the Yakima Valley Museum, the region’s most thorough historical site. The region is famous for its apple production, so make sure you stop somewhere to get some great produce; Johnson Orchards is our pick.

The real draw of Yakima, however, is its stunning natural scenery. When you visit Yakima, you should definitely get out into nature as much as you can. Whether that means hiking the Cowiche Canyon Trail or heading to the nearby Mount Rainier National Park, make sure to enjoy the lovely scenery of central Washington!

Yakima is considered a cold desert, so you won’t see much of the Pacific Northwest’s trademark rain here. It will get cold here in the winter months, and you’ll see hot days during the summer that give way to cooler nights.

AMPM Auto Transport: The Top Car Shipper in Yakima

There are plenty of reasons you may be considering a move to Yakima. Whether it’s the excellent produce, the natural beauty, or the beer scene, Yakima has a lot to offer. And AMPM Auto Transport is your reliable moving partner for this lovely city.

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