YRC Worldwide Recognized Top Company For Women in Transportation

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The trucking business can be full of clichés but some of them are truer than others. Even though we all know this is a man’s world – at least, until very recently – the trucking industry specifically has always been formed by a majority of men. And, just like any other minority does, women have come together to support each other in their trucking careers.

Women in Trucking is a broad association that has a huge platform of followers and collaborators. There, all kinds of women from anywhere in the country come together to fight for more equal and safe conditions. This important mission has reached everywhere and even promoted more women to consider driving a truck for a job.

WIT organizes an annual event to bring all female drivers together and recognize the job of equality-promoting transportation companies. This year, their Accelerate! Conference was held in Dallas, Texas. During the event, several awards and honors were awarded to the “Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation” in 2019.

“We want to recognize companies that are great places for women to work. We feel … women need to know which companies are moving the needle to attract and retain great female talent. Not only is it recognizing companies that embrace a higher percentage of women in their organizations, it’s being voted on by people in the organizations. Now companies are saying, ‘Help us hire more women,’ and in the last ten years many companies have started women’s initiatives”, said the CEO of WIT, Ellen Voie.

The winners were chosen on very comprehensive criteria, that included: Flexibility in hours and work requirements, competitive compensation, training, continued education and development, and quality benefits. Other factors that impacted the decision were the corporate culture supportive of gender diversity, career advancement opportunities and safe equipment and facilities for drivers.

Among the top awarded companies, it’s YRC Worldwide. Chief Executive Officer, Darren Hawkins dedicated a few words to express the full commitment of YRC with women. “YRC Worldwide is committed to attracting, promoting, recruiting, developing and retaining women in the transportation industry.” He also explained how the company has sponsored over 230 women to be able to attend WIT conferences. Plus, they even hosted Girl Scout Transportation Patch events.

The Kansas-based company counts with over 31,000 employees and it is one of the largest, networks in North America. Besides, they also have national and international capabilities and serves as the holding company of many LTL companies. These include Holland, New Penn, Reddaway and many more.

Some of the other companies that were praised at the awards are American Central Transport, AGT Global Logistics, and Bennett International Group. Also Carbon Express, Carvana, Advanced Shipping Technologies and America’s Service Line, were cited among many others.

What about you? Are you a woman in trucking? What do you think of YRC Worldwide? Let us know in the comments!

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